Here are some songs that you can expect to hear in RHYTHM AND AUTISM (and elsewhere)!

Can't See a Thing (live, song only)

A little bop about how I found my voice as an autistic autiste. About midway through there is flapping. Followed by clapping. Lots of clapping. Eeeeee! Recorded live at Cafe Artichoke, Portland, OR 1/3/20.

Stuff My Hands Do (live at home, no audience)

Here the subtitles are baked in, and it's all about the flapping. Shot live in The Musicloset, Hillsboro, OR, 8/8/17.

imagining things (live solo acoustic)

It's almost impossible for me to feel bad while singing this song, and it feels even better when I pass out homemade shakers and get some church clapping going in the last part of the song. Recorded at Atlantis Lounge, Portland, OR, 12/18/18.

positive ID

make you wanna dance