Normal FAuna's latest single, "positive ID"

make you wanna dance

Here are some more videos from the Normal Fauna Channel on YouTube! There is plenty more there to explore!

Stuff My Hands Do (live at home, no audience)

Here the subtitles are baked in, and it's all about the flapping. Shot live in The Musicloset, Hillsboro, OR, 8/8/17.

Can't See a Thing (live, song only)

A little bop about how I found my voice as an autistic autiste. About midway through there is flapping. Followed by clapping. Lots of clapping. Eeeeee! Recorded live at Cafe Artichoke, Portland, OR 1/3/20.

imagining things (live solo acoustic)

It's almost impossible for me to feel bad while singing this song, and it feels even better when I pass out homemade shakers and get some church clapping going in the last part of the song. Recorded at Atlantis Lounge, Portland, OR, 12/18/18.

Venus, If You Will...(Live living room video, song only)

It's a nice slow one about the Venus of Willendorf, a celebrated prehistoric statue shaped a lot like me. And I'm wearing her on my T-shirt, which reads PALEOLITHIC PIN-UP GIRL. It's a makeout song, I insist! Recorded live in the living room of Madeline Ray, Portland, OR, with a few friends listening in, 8/23/17. English language closed captions available.

Brian Wilson is Afraid of the Ocean (live)