Can't See a Thing (live, song only)

A little bop about how I found my voice as an autistic autiste. About midway through there is flapping. Followed by clapping. Lots of clapping. Recorded live at Arte Soleil, Portland, OR 4/21/18.

Can't See a Thing (live, with intro)

Same song as above, with 30-second trimmed intro, in which I explain/demonstrate the flapping stuff. They were excellent clappers, too. Recorded live at Solace and Fine Esperesso, Beaverton, OR, 2/4/18. English language closed captions available. 

Venus, If You Will...(Live living room video, song only)

It's a nice slow one about the Venus of Willendorf, a celebrated prehistoric statue shaped a lot like me. And I'm wearing her on my T-shirt, which reads PALEOLITHIC PIN-UP GIRL. It's a makeout song, I insist! Recorded live in the living room of Madeline Ray, Portland, OR, with a few friends listening in, 8/23/17. English language closed captions available.

Brian Wilson is Afraid of the Ocean (live)

A little "Caroline, No"-esque ballad about narrative, and how we don't know everything about other people (or even ourselves) that we think we know. Inspired in part by the memoirs of the Beach Boys' Brian Wilson, a true survivor if ever there was one. Recorded live at Artichoke Community Music, Portland, OR, 11/9/18, with the percussiony Price Luber providing tasteful accompaniment. English language closed captions available.

Stuff My Hands Do (live at home, no audience)

Here the subtitles are baked in, and it's all about the flapping. Shot live in The Musicloset, Hillsboro, OR, 8/8/17.

I feel weird (live rehearsal video with looping)

imagining things (live solo acoustic)