andee joyce bio

In July 2022, Andee Joyce was featured in the "Space, Place, and Community" episode of the Association of Performing Arts Professionals' ARTS.WORK.LIFE. podcast, in a segment entitled "The Stuff of Legend." (RSS feed) In it, Andee tells the story of an autistic woman who spent most of her life hidden away, convinced no one would want to listen to her -- and now goes onstage multiple times a week to sing and talk about her autism, getting  audiences clapping and swaying to her beat (and laughing and nodding at her jokes) everywhere she goes. 

Andee Joyce has performed and recorded under the name Normal Fauna, and under her own name has been part of the "Influence Music Hall Crew" providing the background music for First Tuesday Art Walk in Hillsboro, OR, in addition to multiple successful performances as a singer-songwriter. Now Andee is integrating the music with her spoken word and comedy, in a project with a full-throated call for true inclusion.

Andee's one-person musical comedy RHYTHM AND AUTISM, premiered in a staged reading at the La Strada Chalk Art Festival in Hillsboro in July 2022, and Andee will be performing a 45-minute RAA on the La Strada main stage in 2023!

In January 2023, Andee began an artist residency at the Portland theater collective From The Ground Up, and will be appearing in FTGU's group show in spring 2023; more info and tickets can be found here

Andee also will be doing a sensory friendly RAA program at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro on April 19, 2024. Many more details to come!

RAA comes in all different shapes and sizes, suiting everything from a backyard family show to a library presentation to a full theatrical production. RAA is a thunderously joyous, rhythmically infectious celebration of difference and an open invitation for everyone to be everything they are.

For more information about RHYTHM AND AUTISM, check out the RAA one-pager here.