andee joyce bio

How can an autistic woman who spent most of her life hidden away, convinced no one would want to listen to her, now go onstage multiple times a week and sing about her autism--and get audiences clapping and swaying to the beat everywhere she goes? 

Andee Joyce has performed and recorded for the last five years under the name Normal Fauna, and under her own name has been part of the "Influence Music Hall Crew" providing the background music for First Tuesday Art Walk in Hillsboro, as well as outdoor music activities with the IMH crew the last two pandemic summers.

While continuing to record and perform throughout the Portland/Hillsboro, OR area, both under her own name and the more dance-rock-oriented Normal Fauna nym, 2022 finds Andee taking an exciting new direction and moving toward musical theater, with her show RHYTHM AND AUTISM. She premiered this piece on a livestream with fellow autistic singer-songwriter Joey Helpish last November. The complete show include the 2021 singles "Make You Wanna Dance" and "Positive ID," along with some other NF favorites and brand new musical material composed especially for the show.

About half of this new show will be comedy/spoken word. RAA will bring all of Andee -- the writer, the composer, the singer, the comedian, the teller of a miraculous tale of late in life transformation -- into one unforgettable whole. 

Andee, who was born in Brooklyn, NY, has been described as “the Hannah Gadsby of music.” Her multi-octave, multi-textured voice is a crayon box with 300 colors, and her unforgettable performances make audiences dance, nod, clap along, laugh, and feel every dimension of her “alternate wiring” as a person on the autism spectrum. Her music is a joyous, rhythmically infectious celebration of difference and an open invitation for everyone to be everything they are.

For more information about RHYTHM AND AUTISM, check out the new RAA page here, which can also be accessed through its own URL.