Recorded in the Musicloset, Hillsboro, OR. All vocals and instruments by Andee.


Technology’s all right with me, wouldn’t want to live without it, oh no
Gets me from point A to point B, there’s no doubt about it, oh no
But I love that there’s a song that will come along with me anywhere I go
All I have to do is clap and it takes me back to the place where I found it

And suddenly I’m playing drums in an angel band
And other people help out with their voices and their hands
And I’m reeling from the sheer pleasure our sound brings
I’m so happy when I’m imagining things

Electricity’s just fine by me, had it since I was a kid
I heard music in the hair dryer, music in the dishwasher, because of course I did
But there’s an energy source inside of me, and I learned to do my stuff
When the juice was running low, because you never know when you could get knocked off the grid

Though my phone’s gone kablooey and my ‘puter’s on the fritz
I’m plugged into a power supply that never quits
In my mind my angel band dances and sings
I’m so happy when I’m imagining things

Gonna slow it down, slow it down
Let my rhythm catch up with my soul
One of these days, my whole body will slow to a crawl
But that’s all right, I'll be prepared
I won't get too scared
As long as I can feel my own pulse
And as long as I can hear you all
Clapping out a heartbeat, clapping out a heartbeat
Faster and faster, faster, faster
They say imagining things is bad
But this might be the most fun I’ve ever had

'Cause inside me there’s a Christmas tree, colorful and glowing
And I’m in ecstasy to be going where I’m going
You’ll see me light up in every color on those strings
I’m so happy when I’m imagining things