Finally someone believed me, said 'what they said wasn't true, but you can't do it like them, you gotta do it like you'...and that's when I grew”

— Andee Joyce, "Can't See a Thing"

Normal fauna ft. andee joyce

Normal Fauna is the music project of singer/songwriter Andee Joyce, who has taken the last 70 years' worth of pop, rock, soul, blues, folk, Broadway, and world music and put it through a filter that comes out "all Andee," whether she's playing a Little Martin, a miniature Les Paul copy, a uke bass, or a loop pedal on which she stacks layers of polyrhythmic percussion.

Her voice is both well weathered and startlingly rangy, and her lyrics take on the unique perspective of a person with "alternate wiring" making her way in the world with panache, humor, and charm. She can induce you to slow dance to a song about a prehistoric statue, clap (and maybe flap!) along with a song about her late-diagnosed autism, and share her joy in finally getting to make the sounds she has always longed to make. She was selected as a finalist for the 2018 Oregon Coast Songwriting Contest, and her song "Imagining Things" will be featured on the Local Roots Music NW Volume 5 CD coming out in early 2019.

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Sample Track: Brian Wilson is Afraid of the Ocean

sample live videos

"Can't See a Thing" is my little manifesto about finally finding out the truth about who I really am. When I have a background music gig, I do this without the audience participation and just drum on the clapping part. Recorded at Arte Soleil, Portland, OR, 4/21/18. English language closed captions available.

"Venus, If You Will..." is my tribute to the Venus (or Woman) of Willendorf, my most favorite prehistoric status, and here I have a 50-second intro where I talk about how and why I wrote it. Again, though, when I do a background music gig I dispense with that and get right to the song. Recorded live at Cafe Artichoke, Portland, OR, 5/3/18. English language closed captions available.

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