Finally someone believed me, said 'what they said wasn't true, but you can't do it like them, you gotta do it like you'...and that's when I grew”

— Andee Joyce, "Can't See a Thing"

Normal fauna ft. andee joyce

Normal Fauna is the music project of singer/songwriter Andee Joyce, who has taken the last 70 years' worth of pop, rock, soul, blues, folk, Broadway, and world music and put it through a filter that comes out "all Andee," whether she's playing a Little Martin, a miniature Les Paul copy, or a uke bass, solo or with other musicians.

Her voice is both well weathered and startlingly rangy, and her lyrics take on the unique perspective of a person with "alternate wiring" making her way in the world with panache, humor, and charm. She can induce you to slow dance to a song about a prehistoric statue, clap (and maybe flap!) along with a song about her late-diagnosed autism, and share her joy in finally getting to make the sounds she has always longed to make. In 2019 she released her first single, "Brian Wilson is Afraid of the Ocean," which was covered by jazz guitar virtuoso Adlai Alexander, and her song "Imagining Things" is featured on the Local Roots Music NW Volume 5 CD.

For more live video of Normal Fauna, check out the NF YouTube page.

Press Photos

Sample Track: Brian Wilson is Afraid of the Ocean

clip video

Just under three and a half minutes of Andee with guest fauna Chris Mitchell and Price Pdx on percussion, and Justus Reece on guitar. Excerpts from "Stuff My Hands Do," "Imagining Things," "I Feel Weird," "Ice Cream Antisocial," and "A Cat Named Frankenstein." 

full song live videos

An anthem of autistic pride, complete with flapping display -- or a song about gaslighting that's actually fun? Decide for yourself! Of all the performances of this song -- and there have been dozens! -- this might be my favorite, because the crowd was so alive to it and I was alive to them. Recorded at Cafe Artichoke, Portland, OR, 1/3/20.

Shakers (many of them made by me!) were shook, hands were clapped, and the holiday season became beautiful for me. This is the song chosen for the Local Roots Music NW Volume 5 CD coming out in early April, here performed in its solo acoustic version with a wonderfully participatory audience. Recorded at Atlantis Lounge, Portland, OR, 12/18/18.

tiny desk contest 2019 entry: "Brian Wilson is afraid of the Ocean"

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