Produced by Andee Joyce.

All vocals and instruments (acoustic guitar, uke bass, tambourine,real and MIDI jingle bells, shakers, shekere, MIDI kick drum) by Andee Joyce, recorded at the Musicloset, Hillsboro, OR.

Mixing and mastering by Austin Idle.


I used to go to Venice Beach in the winter
With a Thrifty ice cream cone in my hand
It was hard not to think about the Beach Boys while
Watching rocky road drip on to the sand
Those songs made everyone so happy
Except the guy who composed most of them
You'd never have caught him dead on a surfboard
Unless it went through hell and back again
They told me

Chorus: Brian Wilson is afraid of the ocean
He hates the beach, no seriously
It's so obvious to everyone who knows him
Plus he said it in his autobiography

I went to Los Angeles to look for my brain
They say it's always in the last place you search
All my sound files always wound up in the round files
Didn't know what I was doing on this earth
But I never got sold down the river
By my father trying to bleed me dry
Never had a shrink take over my whole life
My shrink taught me to ask myself why it is that


When Brian Wilson was about 70, he said
He conquered one of his oldest fears
He went with his family to the ocean
And swam in it for the first time in over 40 years
I guess if there's a takeaway from this it's
Life is set in sand more than set in stone
And if there's one thing I want to do with music
It's to let people know they're not alone
I knew I was not alone the day I found out