live in-person events

Andee is proud to be a regular fixture at downtown Hillsboro's First Tuesday Art Walk, where she and her talented friends from Influence Music Hall provide the background music for local art galleries and businesses from 5-8 PM on the first Tuesday of every month! This event is always free, and will keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Some venues even have free food! During these shows Andee plays a mix of originals (many from RHYTHM AND AUTISM) and selected covers. For other shows, including RHYTHM AND AUTISM, see below.



Special sensory friendly program! The first half will be 100% free of common sensory triggers (e.g. flap-alongs and "flapplause" will be encouraged instead of clapping, and house lights will be up so I can see the flapping!). In the second half, following a 10-minute intermission, I will be bringing in the noises that I love, like clapping and tambourines, and the audience will receive a program detailing which sensory elements they can expect so that they can prepare for them (or step out if they need to). This will be the first SF show Walters has ever done, and I'm honored that they chose me to do it! All seats will be general admission. More details to follow!

$10 advance (plus $1 ticketing fee), $12 day of show

virtual shows

Previous events


Rhythm and Autism Livestream for Solo Arts Heal

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Virtual show

Link and more details forthcoming, but this will be a livestream where I will do up to 25 minutes of RHYTHM AND AUTISM, followed by an interview (by Gail Schickele) and audience Q and A. There will be both Zoom and YouTube viewing options, watch this space for links! The show will also be archived at the Marshstream YouTube page, in case you want to see it later. Solo Arts Heal was founded by Stephanie Weisman, founder of The Marsh Theaters in the Bay Area. For more information check out the Solo Arts Heal page:


Andee on Open Mic America (online show)

 —  —

My fifth time on these redoubtable zoomie toobz! Dave and Daphna and friends always make you feel like a rock star when you play there.