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Andee is proud to be a regular fixture at downtown Hillsboro's First Tuesday Art Walk, where she and her talented friends from Influence Music Hall provide the background music for local art galleries and businesses from 5-8 PM on the first Tuesday of every month! This event is always free, and will keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Some venues even have free food! During these shows Andee plays a mix of originals (many from RHYTHM AND AUTISM) and selected covers. For other shows, including RHYTHM AND AUTISM, see below.



This will be the first public reading of the one-hour one-act edition of RAA! There will be new material. There will be flubs. There will be flapping. There will be clapping. There will be two dynamite opening acts delivering their amazing combinations of music and spoken word for 30 minutes each: my esteemed hostess, Jessie Starr, followed by the fantastic allistic/autistic duo Weirdos Unite (aka Vahan and Rachael). I will go on at 8 PM. You may bring in whatever food or beverage you wish (they don't sell any). You can also bring a favorite chair or pad, there will be space for it! And not only that, but Jessie and Dave will have their light painting rig up, bringing gorgeous color into the proceedings -- and if you ask nicely they might let you try it for yourself.

$15 in advance/$20 at the door

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Andee on Open Mic America (online show)

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My fifth time on these redoubtable zoomie toobz! Dave and Daphna and friends always make you feel like a rock star when you play there.