rhythm and autism clip video (left) and scene excerpt (right)

rhythm and autism - the musical!

RHYTHM AND AUTISM is my one-woman stage musical about how my stimmy fixation on rhythm got me through until I could find out the entire truth about myself. It features some songs familiar to Normal Fauna fans, as well as new songs and special material (including spoken word/comedy) written just for this show!

I feel that this show brings together everything I'm about and everything I can do, and will help other neurodivergent people feel seen, as well as being a total kick for even the most neurotypical audience member. It's a trip through the pop culture cheese of the 1960s and 1970s, as filtered through the signal processing of an autistic girl who didn't know she was autistic until much later. 

One of my autistic obsessions is reading musician memoirs, and I read one after another after another of white male boomer rock stars saying something like, "I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 and I knew immediately that I wanted to do that too." My "Beatles on Ed Sullivan moment" was Hannah Gadsby's Douglas. Except I didn't see it and say, "I want to do edgy, inventive standup comedy about autism too." Instead, I said, "That's it. I want to be the Hannah Gadsby of music."

Soon after that, I began to realize that the "shut up and sing" kinds of situations I'd performed in before only told half the story about me. The other half was about what I said in between songs, and it wasn't just "I wrote this song because I had a kombucha fart in the elevator after a job interview and it reminded me of my 7th grade prom" kind of stuff, it was an actual story of transformation. Then it all came together in my mind. I can't wait for you all to see it!

I also have created some exciting and fun community outreach programs! Click the drop-down menu above or just click here for a downloadable PDF.

Click here for videos of full songs that appear in RHYTHM AND AUTISM! Calendar of upcoming shows is below.

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Previous events


I, my prodigiously talented friend Bill Hernandez, and two other locals TBA are each doing 30-minute sets, and I will be doing a preview of RHYTHM AND AUTISM, including some special material written just for this show! If you want to buy advance tickets, you can do that here:. https://cityofhillsboro.ticketspice.com/local-singer-songwriter-22


Dropped Notes is Curious Comedy's musical improv show, and I will be the guest performer! I will not be doing improv but a 20 minute opening mini-set of RHYTHM AND AUTISM. Note that although it's an all-ages venue, it's not a family friendly event so discretion is advised.


Influence Music Hall does it again! This will be a free, all sensory friendly show, 60 minutes long. That means very little amplification, no sudden or loud or high-pitched noises, no singing along or clattery percussion, low lighting, and flapplause and flap-alongs in place of clapping. There will also be space for a silent dance floor, in case people want to express themselves without making voluntary noise. I'll even avoid wearing loud colors! If you have any questions about how this works, don't hesitate to ask me before coming down.


Thanks to my friends at Influence Music Hall and Tualatin Valley Arts, I get to put on RAA in a fabulous theater that can accommodate up to 200 people, with free admission! (Don't be scared by the location; this theater puts on secular programming all the time, and nobody will try to convert you.) Note that this is not the sensory friendly show; that show will be the next day at the Brookwood Library (see separate listing).


Rhythm and Autism Full Show, East Side

 —  —

Good Medicine Theater at Uplifted Boutique, 5404 SE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

This is a very small, intimate theater on the east side, capacity is about 20 people. But here you will get the full theatrical version of RAA, performed on the east side of PDX for the very first time! Admission is free thanks to a grant from the Autism Society of Oregon.


Rhythm and Autism Preview at La Strada Chalk Art Festival Side Street!

 —  —

Puppernickel Bakery, 133 SE 3rd Ave., Hillsboro, OR

The La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival is a huge event in which East Main Street in downtown Hillsboro is closed off for 4 blocks so that brilliant chalk artists can create gorgeous art right there on the spot, before your very eyes! There will be also crafts and live performances at the Plaza and also on the side streets, and the latter is where I will be, in front of Puppernickel Bakery. I will be preceded there by Henry Kaiser and his 12-string beast (from 12-2 PM), Rob Cork and his fantastic tie-dyed cinematic tuneage (from 2-4 PM), and then me. No props or scenery or AV stuff here, just me with my backing tracks, guitar, and live percussion loops, mixing spoken word/comedy and singing my piece about growing up autistic amid the pop culture cheese of the 1960s and 1970s and how it made me who I am today. Eeeeeee!


Friday Night Bites with Justus Reece and Los Fumadores!

 —  —

Decadent Creations, 171 NE 3rd Ave., Hillsboro, OR

Music-only gig, but what a lineup! Justus will be playing before me at 5 PM, with me at 6 PM, and Los Fumadores (OC and Drew) at 7 PM! Times are approximate. We will be serenading those folks who come out to FNB on a lovely spring evening to eat from the great food trucks and get an awesome dessert from Decadent Creations, which will stay open later for this event.


First Tuesday ArtWalk at Crystal Hearts Boutique (with Rob Cork)

 —  —

Crystal Heart Boutique, 269 E. Main St., Hillsboro, OR

The Influence Music Hall folks are again serenading the First Tuesday Art Walk patrons in downtown Hillsboro, and this month we have the Rob and Andee Show at a shop that is just teeming with cool and colorful stuff. Also, you get food and don't have to pay anything.


Once again, the Influence Music Hall gang will be taking over First Tuesday in downtown Hillsboro, making our noises at various shops and galleries around the area. Free music and some free munchies too, There will be some indoor seating, and there is so much beautiful stuff in this shop it's unreal!


Note date change! I will be in Eugene with Joey (aka Unkle Nancy) and some of his megatalented friends and student. I plan to premiere the first 15-ish minute piece of my upcoming one-woman show, RHYTHM AND AUTISM, with material never heard before on stage! Stream will be on YouTube Live, I will post the link when I have it.


Andee on Open Mic America (livestream)

online show

The show is called Open Mic America but you actually do have to audition, sorta! I've been on this show before and it's always great, I will be one of nine or ten performers, I get two songs, solo acoustic, plus a brief interview. The rest of the lineup TBA, but they always pick good ones!

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