New Music: Sure as the Sun Goes Down


The Kala U-Bass Rumbler, an electric bass guitar built on a baritone ukelele body, with polyurethane strings that will outlive us all.

(Blog note: New remix posted 1/31/16.) Want an Americana-style rocker? Sure you do. What the heck, it’s only three minutes (and two seconds, okay). It’s about not accepting that “if X hasn’t happened by a certain age, it’s not going to happen at all, so shut up and go away.” Because that idea is poo.

The U-Bass (shown above) makes its Normal Fauna debut here. Also used on this recording are virtual drums played with MIDI controller, wood shaker, handclaps, “vintage” tambourine, and the Little Martin played three ways: through a microphone clean, through a microphone with distortion, and plugged in with distortion. Not a lot of distortion, just enough. Hope you like! Continue reading

New Music: San Diego Chicken (final version)

Concluding the month of May (and what Chris has hilariously dubbed my Blue Period) with my third and final mix of this. This new version has the same lead vocal as before, with a few punch-ins to clean up some minor glitches that were bugging me. Plus I added a second lead vocal to the background mix, because AWESOME NEW MICROPHONE PREAMP IS AWESOME, y’all. In addition, there are more background vocals, shakers, an electric piano riff, and some “spaghetti western” type guitar noises (made with MIDI).

And though I love the final result, as cat is my witness, I will never, ever spend two months futzing with one song, ever again. Unless someone is paying me to do it. Four new songs are awaiting my producing fingers and even more in the hopper, including some rockers!

Oh, and in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m bagging the every-other-Friday thing for good. My goal will be to get something out every other Friday, but for now, I’m not going to pressure myself for time, and just finish them when I finish them. Continue reading

New Music: San Diego Chicken (Version B, with Rhythm Section)

This is the second of three mixes of this song. This one has MIDI drums, bass, and tambourines. There are also some effects on the vocals (delay, reverb, compression, EQ) and I duplicated the vocal track to make it more audible over the extra instruments. The next version, with all the bells and whistles (not literally), is going to be the final version, which I’ll post in a week. And then I can move on to other songs! Continue reading

New Music: San Diego Chicken (Version A, piano/vocal only)

Well…it took almost a month after I first posted about it, longer than I expected…but I now have the first of multiple mixes of “San Diego Chicken” ready to go, with the others being posted over the next couple of weeks. This version is just piano and vocal.

The piano was played with a MIDI controller, which only has 25 keys, so I had to multi-track it, switching the controller to different octaves. Also did a lot of monkeying with the piano roll editor, moving notes around. The vocals on this are COMPLETELY dry; I did some punch-ins to correct some minor glitches and did some volume adjustments in places where I was unusually loud, but there is no reverb, no delay, no compression, no EQ, no multi-tracking like I usually use, and no pitch shifter. Let me tell you, the hardest thing for a vocalist is to hear her vocals dry, and the second hardest is to let other people hear it! But I wanted to use this song to show different stages in the process, so…enjoy! Continue reading

New Music: I Feel Weird

Size 17 bamboo knitting needles. Or at least that's what they said they were in a past life.

Size 17 bamboo knitting needles. Or at least that’s what they said they were in a past life.

(Update 3/27/15: Song has been remixed and the remixed version is now included in this post.)

Now with knitting needles! (I had an extra pair of bamboo size 17s and thought they’d be cool to bang together.) This is a song that could be about a potential lover/partner, but also a potential anyone you’d love to talk to but don’t know how.

Also, the red frog rasp makes its Normal Fauna debut here. Other instruments: MIDI bass, electric piano, bongos, and drum set, along with the brown frog rasp and three tambourines.

The next new music post will be April 10 due to vacation. Look for a bouncy ditty about rock star depression and sports mascots!

(Apologies for the slight delay due to technical issues.)

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