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Andee is proud to be a regular fixture at downtown Hillsboro's First Tuesday Art Walk, where she and her talented friends from Influence Music Hall provide the background music for local art galleries and businesses from 5-8 PM on the first Tuesday of every month! This event is always free, and will keep you cool in the summer and dry in the winter. Some venues even have free food! During these shows Andee plays a mix of originals (many from RHYTHM AND AUTISM) and selected covers. For other shows, including RHYTHM AND AUTISM, see below.


Previous events


Special sensory friendly program! The first half will be 100% free of common sensory triggers (e.g. flap-alongs and "flapplause" will be encouraged, and house lights will be up so I can see the flapping!). In the second half, following a 10-minute intermission, I will be bringing in the noises that I love, like clapping and tambourines, and the audience will receive a program detailing which sensory elements they can expect so that they can prepare for them (or step out if they need to). And for the first time, my background videos will be presented.

This will be the first SF show Walters has ever done, and I'm honored that they chose me to do it! This show will have full open captions. All seats will be general admission, there will be a variety of seating possibilities, and people can take sensory breaks and come back in afterwards if they want. We will also have stim toys and earplugs available, or bring your own!

This show is also part of the 2024 Fertile Ground Festival.

$10 advance (plus $1 ticketing fee), $12 day of show


This will be the second night of two putting on my full show with this great organization whose residency and group shows I was part of in 2023! This show is made possible by an Arts 3C grant from the Portland Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC).

All tickets general admission. $25 regular price, pay what you can option starting at $5.


This will be the first night of two putting on my full show with this great organization whose residency and group shows I was part of in 2023! This show is made possible by an Arts 3C grant from the Portland Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC).

All tickets general admission. $25 regular price, pay what you can option from $5.


This will be where we plan to do the whole ball of wax -- new background video, looping, everything except stage lighting, in preparation for the January shows! Expect a little roughness around the edges because it's a reading and final cuts haven't been made yet, but it's free, and your feedback will be welcome! Estimated run time is 75 minutes.


La Strada Dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival, Main Stage

 —  —

Hillsboro Civic Center Plaza, 150 E. Main St., Hillsboro, OR

This is an amazing FREE event, where four blocks of downtown Hillsboro are blocked off so that these fantastic chalk artists can do their thing on the streets the weekend of July 15-16! Added bonus: there will be great music and other performing arts to gawk at as you make your way around. In July 2022, I premiered RHYTHM AND AUTISM in a staged reading here, on a side stage; this time, I will be on the main stage (yay!) doing RAA excerpts.


Influence Music Hall Presents Songwriters in the Round

 —  —

Beaverton Round Amphitheater, 12600 SW Crescent St., Beaverton, OR

I will be joining my IMH friends Bill Hernandez, Rob Cork, Henry Kaiser, Christine Navarro, Rodney Stubbs, and Evan Acey for a songwriters-in-the-round outdoor event! Admission is free, and the nearby Cartel has all kinds of drool-worthy foods to purchase while you watch us.


From the Ground UP Residents' Show with mini-RAA (indoor show)

 —  —

New Expressive Works, 810 SE Belmont St., Portland, OR

PLEASE NOTE CHANGE OF DATE FOR THIS SHOW. I and my fabulous fellow residents will each do 20 minutes from our solo theater pieces. This is an indoor show in a small theater. Base ticket price is $20, but a number of Arts4All tickets are available, see link below.

Base price $20, Rise Up patron seating $20 and up, Arts for All $5 and up


From the Ground UP Residents' Show with mini-RAA (outdoor show)

 —  —

Ramona Street Art Farm, 12946 SE Ramona Street, Portland, OR

This is the first of two group shows I will be doing with From the Ground UP in June! I and four fantastic fellow residents (Rachael Himsel, Kate Perri, Jen Wyant, and Suzanne LaGrande) will each do 20 minutes from our solo theater pieces. This is an outdoor show, intimate environment, very low tech. Base ticket price is $20, but a number of Arts4All tickets are available; see link below.

Regular price $20, Rise Up patron seating $20 and up, Arts for All Seating $5 and up


Andee with Bill Hernandez and Rob Cork at Crystal Heart!

 —  —

Crystal Heart Boutique, 269 E. Main St., Hillsboro, OR

Not just another First Tuesday gig, although it coincides with that! Rob and Bill and I are going to spend the three hours swapping songs (covers and originals), and playing and singing on each other's stuff. We had a show like this booked three years ago and it got wiped, so it will be great to finally have this experience!


This will be the first public reading of the one-hour one-act edition of RAA! There will be new material. There will be flubs. There will be flapping. There will be clapping. There will be two dynamite opening acts delivering their amazing combinations of music and spoken word for 30 minutes each: my esteemed hostess, Jessie Starr, followed by the fantastic allistic/autistic duo Weirdos Unite (aka Vahan and Rachael). I will go on at 8 PM. You may bring in whatever food or beverage you wish (they don't sell any). You can also bring a favorite chair or pad, there will be space for it! And not only that, but Jessie and Dave will have their light painting rig up, bringing gorgeous color into the proceedings -- and if you ask nicely they might let you try it for yourself.

$15 in advance/$20 at the door


Local Singer-Songwriter Night at Walters Cultural Arts Center

 —  —

Walters Cultural Arts Center, 527 E. Main Street, Hillsboro, OR

I, my prodigiously talented friend Bill Hernandez, and two other locals TBA are each doing 30-minute sets, and I will be doing a preview of RHYTHM AND AUTISM, including some special material written just for this show! If you want to buy advance tickets, you can do that here:.


Dropped Notes is Curious Comedy's musical improv show, and I will be the guest performer! I will not be doing improv but a 20 minute opening mini-set of RHYTHM AND AUTISM. Note that although it's an all-ages venue, it's not a family friendly event so discretion is advised.


Influence Music Hall does it again! This will be a free, all sensory friendly show, 60 minutes long. That means very little amplification, no sudden or loud or high-pitched noises, no singing along or clattery percussion, low lighting, and flapplause and flap-alongs in place of clapping. There will also be space for a silent dance floor, in case people want to express themselves without making voluntary noise. I'll even avoid wearing loud colors! If you have any questions about how this works, don't hesitate to ask me before coming down.


Thanks to my friends at Influence Music Hall and Tualatin Valley Arts, I get to put on RAA in a fabulous theater that can accommodate up to 200 people, with free admission! (Don't be scared by the location; this theater puts on secular programming all the time, and nobody will try to convert you.) Note that this is not the sensory friendly show; that show will be the next day at the Brookwood Library (see separate listing).


Rhythm and Autism Full Show, East Side

 —  —

Good Medicine Theater at Uplifted Boutique, 5404 SE 72nd Ave., Portland, OR 97206

This is a very small, intimate theater on the east side, capacity is about 20 people. But here you will get the full theatrical version of RAA, performed on the east side of PDX for the very first time! Admission is free thanks to a grant from the Autism Society of Oregon.


Rhythm and Autism Preview at La Strada Chalk Art Festival Side Street!

 —  —

Puppernickel Bakery, 133 SE 3rd Ave., Hillsboro, OR

The La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival is a huge event in which East Main Street in downtown Hillsboro is closed off for 4 blocks so that brilliant chalk artists can create gorgeous art right there on the spot, before your very eyes! There will be also crafts and live performances at the Plaza and also on the side streets, and the latter is where I will be, in front of Puppernickel Bakery. I will be preceded there by Henry Kaiser and his 12-string beast (from 12-2 PM), Rob Cork and his fantastic tie-dyed cinematic tuneage (from 2-4 PM), and then me. No props or scenery or AV stuff here, just me with my backing tracks, guitar, and live percussion loops, mixing spoken word/comedy and singing my piece about growing up autistic amid the pop culture cheese of the 1960s and 1970s and how it made me who I am today. Eeeeeee!

virtual shows

Previous events


Rhythm and Autism Livestream for Solo Arts Heal

 — (PDT, UTC-07) — (PDT, UTC-07)

Virtual show

Link and more details forthcoming, but this will be a livestream where I will do up to 25 minutes of RHYTHM AND AUTISM, followed by an interview (by Gail Schickele) and audience Q and A. There will be both Zoom and YouTube viewing options, watch this space for links! The show will also be archived at the Marshstream YouTube page, in case you want to see it later. Solo Arts Heal was founded by Stephanie Weisman, founder of The Marsh Theaters in the Bay Area. For more information check out the Solo Arts Heal page:


Andee on Open Mic America (online show)

 —  —

My fifth time on these redoubtable zoomie toobz! Dave and Daphna and friends always make you feel like a rock star when you play there.