rhythm and autism highlight reels (sensory friendly video on right)

rhythm and autism - the musical!

One of my autistic obsessions is reading musician memoirs. A few years ago, I read one after another after another of white male boomer rock stars saying something like, "I saw the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show in 1964 and I knew immediately that I wanted to do that too." My "Beatles on Ed Sullivan moment" was Hannah Gadsby's Douglas. Except I didn't see it and say, "I want to do edgy, inventive standup comedy about autism too." Instead, I said, "That's it. I want to be the Hannah Gadsby of music."

That is, I want people who are autistic to see themselves in what I'm doing, and for non-autistic people to regard me as that person who will say things they dare not risk their social standing to admit are true, in a way that's entertaining and funny. (And yes, I have done plenty of "family friendly" shows also!)

Soon after that, I began to realize that the "shut up and sing" kinds of situations I'd performed in before only told half the story about me. The other half was about what I said in between songs, and it wasn't just "I wrote this song because I had a kombucha fart in the elevator after a job interview and it reminded me of my 7th grade prom" kind of stuff, it was an actual story of transformation.

I didn't "overcome" my autism to do this -- I used it! But it wasn't until the pandemic, where I was "visited" by an entity I call the Clappy Monster, that I learned how. RAA tells that story.

On January 21-22, 2024 (a Sunday and a Monday), I will be doing the full one-act RAA for From the Ground UP PDX at the Historic Alberta House in Portland, OR. I performed a 23-minute excerpt at FTGU's spring shows in June 2023, and I am thrilled to get to do the full show for them!

On April 19, 2024, I will be doing a two-act sensory friendly RAA program at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, OR! This features a first act which avoids common sensory triggers for people with high sensory sensitivity (e.g. flapplause instead of clapping, muted sounds and colors, soft lighting), and everyone will receive a program that details which sensory elements the audience can expect from each scene. Yes, I can do a sensory friendly show about my obsession with clapping and noisy percussion! In the video above right, I map out how I navigate that. Access is extremely important to me, and I want people with high sensory sensitivity to have a chance to see a show, especially one put on by someone who lives what they are living.

I also have created some exciting and fun community outreach programs, including one about creating sensory friendly shows and environments! Click the drop-down menu above or just click here for a downloadable PDF.

Click here for videos of full songs that appear in RHYTHM AND AUTISM! Calendar of upcoming shows is below.

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This will be where we plan to do the whole ball of wax -- new background video, looping, everything except stage lighting, in preparation for the January shows! Expect a little roughness around the edges because it's a reading and final cuts haven't been made yet, but it's free, and your feedback will be welcome! Estimated run time is 75 minutes.


Please note date change! This will be the first night of two putting on my full show with this great organization whose residency and group shows I was part of in 2023! When ticket purchasing link is up, it will be posted here. There will be Arts for All ticketing option for those who need it.


Please note date change! This will be the second night of two putting on my full show with this great organization whose residency and group shows I was part of in 2023! When ticket sales link is up, it will be posted here. There will be Arts for All ticketing option for those who need it.


Rhythm and Autism Sensory Friendly Two-Act Show

 —  —

Walters Cultural Arts Center, 527 E. Main Street, Hillsboro, OR

Special sensory friendly program! The first half will be 100% free of common sensory triggers (e.g. flap-alongs and "flapplause" will be encouraged instead of clapping, and house lights will be up so I can see the flapping!). In the second half, following a 10-minute intermission, I will be bringing in the noises that I love, like clapping and tambourines, and the audience will receive a program detailing which sensory elements they can expect so that they can prepare for them (or step out if they need to). This will be the first SF show Walters has ever done, and I'm honored that they chose me to do it! All seats will be general admission. More details to follow!

$10 advance (plus $1 ticketing fee), $12 day of show

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