rhythm and autism highlight reels (sensory friendly video on right)

Rhythm and Autism on solo arts heal (the marshstream)

Begins with the first 11 minutes of RHYTHM AND AUTISM, from my set at From the Ground UP's FAQ Festival on June 10, 2023, followed by a great interview with host Gail Schickele and live on-air performances of “Try a Little Tenderness” (done sensory friendly here!), “How Are You,” and “Going to the Dance Alone.” Originally streamed live on July 12, 2023.

clappy monsters, super freaks: rhythm and autism breaks out!

The year 2024 is shaping up to be EEEEEEEE (or, for those who are sensory sensitive to that letter, eeeeeeee) for RHYTHM AND AUTISM! 

After working on this show since October 2021, doing multiple workshops, readings, revisions, etc., this is the year I am unleashing the polished RAA on the world (or at least, the state of Oregon). I cannot wait!

I didn't "overcome" my autism to do this -- I used it, But it wasn't until the pandemic, where I was "visited" by an entity I call the Clappy Monster, that I learned how. RAA tells that story. And here's where I'll be telling it next.

In February 2024, I did my first full theatrical performance of RHYTHM AND AUTISM (the one-act version) for From the Ground UP in Portland, at the Alberta House, and in March, I did a sensory friendly one=act RAA at the Salem Public Library Loucks Auditorium. These were delightful experiences all around, I heard from so many people who appreciated what I was putting out there and people were really grooving to the rhythms! Eeeeeeee!

On Friday, April 19, 2024, I will be doing a two-act sensory friendly RAA program at the Walters Cultural Arts Center in Hillsboro, OR! This features a first act which avoids common sensory triggers for people with high sensory sensitivity (e.g. flapplause instead of clapping, muted sounds and colors, soft lighting), and everyone will receive a program that details which sensory elements the audience can expect from each scene. Yes, I can do a sensory friendly show about my obsession with clapping and noisy percussion! In the video above right, I map out how I navigate that. Access is extremely important to me, and I want people with high sensory sensitivity to have a chance to see a show, especially one put on by someone who lives what they are living. Also, this show will be part of the Fertile Ground festival, which means passholders can get free tickets. Let me tell you, I've seen a preview of the shows at FG this year, and I wish I was five people so I could see them all.

And shortly after that, on Saturday, April 27, I will have my first ever Oregon Fringe booking, in Ashland, OR! This will be the regular one-act, at 7:30 PM in SOU Theatre Studio 227. Lots of astonishing-looking stuff happening at Fringe, too, and I am thrilled to be in such wildly creative company!

For those who cannot get to one of my shows, I have you covered, too. My Solo Arts Heal livestream from July 2023 is above, and has plenty of RAA material in it. Also, in December 2023, I was featured on Tony Mantor's autism-focused podcast, Why Not Me the World. Scroll down to find your podcast source of choice, or just listen online. Tony did a great interview with me and there are some snippets of me performing live. But don't be surprised if I do a show in your neck of the woods sometime (ya gotta believe)…

I also have created some exciting and fun community outreach programs, including one about creating sensory friendly shows and environments. Click the drop-down menu above or just click here for a downloadable PDF.

Click here for videos of full songs that appear in RHYTHM AND AUTISM! Calendar of upcoming shows is below.

If you want to know more about RHYTHM AND AUTISM, sign up for updates below, or write me at andee@normalfaunamusic.com!


RAA Plus at La Strada Chalk Art Festival!

 —  —

La Strada dei Pastelli Chalk Art Festival, Hillsboro, OR

Location TBA, but I will be on one of the "troubadour" side stages, doing excerpts and outtakes from RHYTHM AND AUTISM and a few other goodies! This is a completely free event; a four-block area of Main Street in downtown Hillsboro is blocked off, and you can watch the amazing chalk artists do their art right there on the street, with lots of live entertainment hidden away on the side streets and in the Plaza. RAA made its debut there two years ago, and now La Strada has become "tradition" (if three times is tradition).

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