normal fauna FAqs

Q: Is Normal Fauna a band, or a person?

Neither! Normal Fauna is an ongoing music project consisting of Andee Joyce plus whoever happens to join her on stage at a given moment. The most recent "co-fauna" have been Andee's partner, Chris Mitchell, on percussion, guitarist Rob Cork, and percussionist Price PDX. But we are always looking to expand...

Q: Who played and sang on "Make You Wanna Dance"?

James Villa did the instrumental arrangement and played all the instruments based on a demo I sent him and Lewis Childs of Groundswell Studios. The vocal arrangement was mine, with some input from them, and all the vocals are mine except for the baritone part, which was Lewis. Look for the "Make You Wanna Dance" diaries soon, which will go into more granular details about how it all came together!

Q: Who did the art work for the "Make You Wanna Dance" single?

That was Lewis Childs! He did the drawing after asking me to send him a picture of me playing a red guitar. Fortunately, I own one.

Q: How did you come up with the name Normal Fauna? 

A: I used to do medical transcription and frequently transcribed the results of cultures, which grow out "normal flora" if they are negative for infection. One day I told my partner and he said, "You mean as opposed to normal fauna?" and thus a music nym was born. The idea, of course, is that "normal fauna," as such, don't really exist. Added bonus: Fauna can be singular or plural, so I can bring in other musicians and we can all be Normal Fauna. 

Q: What is a "sensory friendly show"?

There are some people on the autism spectrum who cannot process certain sounds I typically make -- very high notes, fast bass lines, clattery percussion, handclapping -- and during a sensory friendly show, even clapping in between songs is prohibited (people are encouraged to flap all they want, though, and often there is a silent dance floor). I have done shows like that and they're actually kind of fun. (Kind of like doing a Zoom show, but in person!) If you would like me to put on one of those don't hesitate to ask. (And yes, there is a sensory friendly arrangement of "Make You Wanna Dance.")

Q: Do you still do virtual private shows or livestreams?

A: During the winter there will probably be more livestreaming. And yes, I am completely "Zoom conversant" when it comes to music. I've been doing these Zoom open mics almost every Friday since the lockdowns started in 2020, and would be happy to do a virtual private show any time.

Q: Would you be willing to play completely indoors now?

A: I think I'd be okay with that. I am fully vaccinnated!

Q:  If you could listen to one type of music all day, which would you pick?

A: Early '70s soul music (Motown, Philly, etc.). 

Q: Are you the same Andee Joyce who wrote the young adult novel THE AMY VIRUS that was featured on the Multnomah County (Portland, OR) Overdrive e-book system in 2017?

A: Yes!  (Although I have to admit that in light of recent events, the title now makes me wince.)

Q: I saw an Andee Joyce on the Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities, was that you?

A: Yes! I was the first openly autistic member of the council when I joined in 2012, and my eight-year term ended in 2020. I did a presentation for the 2018 Breaking Barriers conference with other Council members, in a breakout session called "Ideas Worth Sharing," where we all told our stories. A lot of my evolution as an artist has come as a result of getting well steeped in disability issues. My autism affects all my signal processing, including music signals, often in delightful ways!