Changes to New Song Schedule

I decided to make the new music posts on Friday 7 PM Pacific from now on, continuing from last time. There will be one this Friday, March 13, and then I will be on vacation for a few weeks. The next new song after this week’s will be posted on Friday, April 10.

Meet Normal Fauna!

Photo of Andee playing her frog rasp at the Portland Rhododendron Gardens. Photo credit: Colleen Dommerque.

Photo of Andee playing her frog rasp at the Portland Rhododendron Gardens. Photo credit: Colleen Dommerque.

I (Andee) decided to start a blog to post my musical works in progress, under the “band nym” of Normal Fauna, and talk about the process of finding my way back into music as a middle-aged, late-diagnosed woman on the autism spectrum.  Some things to know about this site:

  • I use “autistic” as both a noun and an adjective to describe myself.  I also use it to describe other individuals on the spectrum who have publicly identified as such, unless they (and I do mean they themselves, not those who claim to speak for them) request otherwise.  This is non-negotiable.
  • I use the word “allistic” to refer to persons not on the autism spectrum.  I will use the term “NT” when it applies to people who have no “official” brain-related conditions at all.
  • First-time commenters automatically go into mod. I have weird sleeping habits, so don’t freak out if I don’t get you out of mod right away.
  • I reserve the right not to approve any first-time comments I don’t want to publish. (Generally, this applies to things like abuse, concern-trolling, and good old fashioned spam.)
  • If comments become too hairy, I might disable them and only let FB friends comment on FB.  We’ll have to see.  Meanwhile, if we are FB friends you can comment there instead, if you prefer.
  • If you want to comment only to me, you can write me at andee at normalfaunamusic dot com (or if you are a first-time commenter and you request that I not approve your comment for posting, that will work, too).
  • When I post new works, I will post both a sound file and lyrics.  I make my recordings using Acoustica Mixcraft, and “Adventures in Mixcraft” will be part of this blog.
  • I probably will not change lyrics on readers’ suggestions unless I really screw up big, but would be open to any ideas about production, instrumentation, anything you think might help me make a better recording.
  • Also, if you would like to play or sing on my recordings, collaborate on songs with me, or play live with me, I want to hear from you!  (You need not be a professional musician or singer, or even a very good one, to work with me.  You just have to like what I’m doing and want to be part of it.  Even if you “don’t play anything,” I can probably find something for you to do!)  And I especially encourage people with developmental disabilities to do this with me.
  • My eventual goal is to have a Bandcamp type of page and offer my work (both recorded and live) as a professional(ish) entity, but I’m not there yet.  This site is about my journey making my way to and through there.
  • I will make every effort to make sure most of my posts are not this long. 😛

Also, in case anyone wonders about the origin of the name Normal Fauna, it’s a play on “normal flora,” otherwise known as the nice bacteria we all need to live, not the nasty disease-producing kind.  Also, it’s ironic, like naming your gerbil Killer — the idea being that there really is no such thing as a single standard for what’s “normal” among fauna (including humans).

Tomorrow:  “I Didn’t Always,” my first completed recording in Mixcraft!