How can an autistic woman who spent most of her life hidden away, convinced no one would want to listen to her, now go onstage multiple times a week and sing about her autism--and get audiences clapping and swaying to the beat everywhere she goes? 

Andee Joyce (who calls herself the “brain mom” of Normal Fauna) has been described as “the Hannah Gadsby of music.” Her multi-octave, multi-textured voice is a crayon box with 300 colors, and her unforgettable performances make audiences dance, nod, clap along, laugh, and feel every dimension of her “alternate wiring” as a person on the autism spectrum. Her music is a joyous, rhythmically infectious celebration of difference and an open invitation for everyone to be everything they are.

Normal Fauna has released two singles in 2021: the rocking, exuberant, "Make You Wanna Dance," about the yearning to make someone want to dance even when the world seems to be falling to pieces; and the thumping, brooding "Positive ID," which is all about self-determination. An album is forthcoming!

Andee can provide interesting background music, but if she has a participatory crowd, she is happy to lead sing-alongs, clap-alongs, and flap-alongs, or sometimes provide the audience with percussion instruments to "bang along" if they wish. 

For more information about Andee and Normal Fauna, check out the Normal Fauna FAQs