How can an autistic woman who spent most of her life hidden away, convinced no one would want to listen to her, now go onstage multiple times a week and sing about her autism--and get audiences clapping and swaying to the beat everywhere she goes? 

Andee Joyce, aka Normal Fauna, doesn't sing just about her autism (which she first found out about well into adulthood), but her "alternate wiring" affects everything she hears in her mind, the way she looks at the world, and the quirky, catchy rhythms she moves (and writes) to. She might make you want to slow-dance to a song about the Venus of Willendorf, simultaneously laugh and wonder during a ballad about the Beach Boys, or gospel-clap with her while she sings about making music with just the human body.

Utilizing a colorful arsenal of hand percussion instruments and a loop pedal, she creates infectious polyrhythms, over which she plays her Little Martin, uke bass, mini electric guitar, or hand drum. Sometimes she puts out percussion for the audience to play. Sometimes she skips the percussion and just plays and sings in her expressive, textured, highly elastic "girl tenor" voice.

Andee performs all over the Portland, Oregon area and in her hometown of Hillsboro. (She's originally from Brooklyn, New York.) She was selected as a finalist for the 2018 Oregon Coast Songwriting Contest, and her song "Imagining Things" will be featured on the Local Roots Music NW Volume 5 CD coming out in early 2019.

For more information about Andee and Normal Fauna, check out the Normal Fauna FAQs