New Music: Sure as the Sun Goes Down


The Kala U-Bass Rumbler, an electric bass guitar built on a baritone ukelele body, with polyurethane strings that will outlive us all.

(Blog note: New remix posted 1/31/16.) Want an Americana-style rocker? Sure you do. What the heck, it’s only three minutes (and two seconds, okay). It’s about not accepting that “if X hasn’t happened by a certain age, it’s not going to happen at all, so shut up and go away.” Because that idea is poo.

The U-Bass (shown above) makes its Normal Fauna debut here. Also used on this recording are virtual drums played with MIDI controller, wood shaker, handclaps, “vintage” tambourine, and the Little Martin played three ways: through a microphone clean, through a microphone with distortion, and plugged in with distortion. Not a lot of distortion, just enough. Hope you like!

Sure as the Sun Goes Down

Words and music by Andee Joyce

Sure as the sun goes down at the end of every day
They’re gonna tell me that I’m done, get out of the way
You already had your turn, and you know the rules
This is a world for the young and beautiful
But I wasn’t beautiful when I was young
And I let too much music go unsung
Too many words shoved in a drawer
And I can’t stand it anymore
I’ve got to find out what I could become

So go on
Tell me I’m a loser, tell me I’m all wrong
Tell me I’m ugly, tell me I don’t belong
Tell me what you see that made you close your heart to me
But sure as the sun goes down
You can’t get rid of me that easily

Sure as the sun goes down like it did again today
I feel that chill in the air telling me to go away
But I’m gonna bundle up, put my ice spikes on
And I’ll stomp through that ice until it’s gone
‘Cause I lived my life in fear of what they’d say
And I never made them happy anyway
And if that’s true whether or not
I can keep my big mouth shut
Then what’s the point of trying to obey?

(repeat chorus twice)

Sure as the sun goes down, sure as the sun goes down, sure as the gun goes down

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