New Music: I Feel Weird

Size 17 bamboo knitting needles. Or at least that's what they said they were in a past life.

Size 17 bamboo knitting needles. Or at least that’s what they said they were in a past life.

(Update 3/27/15: Song has been remixed and the remixed version is now included in this post.)

Now with knitting needles! (I had an extra pair of bamboo size 17s and thought they’d be cool to bang together.) This is a song that could be about a potential lover/partner, but also a potential anyone you’d love to talk to but don’t know how.

Also, the red frog rasp makes its Normal Fauna debut here. Other instruments: MIDI bass, electric piano, bongos, and drum set, along with the brown frog rasp and three tambourines.

The next new music post will be April 10 due to vacation. Look for a bouncy ditty about rock star depression and sports mascots!

(Apologies for the slight delay due to technical issues.)

Music and Lyrics by Andee Joyce

Everybody else in this room
Looks perfectly normal to me
But I’m looking for the one exception to the rule
And then I see you
Curled up in a ball in the corner
And I see someone
Who’s not afraid to be uncool
But what should be
My very first words to you
Will I bore you or annoy you
I don’t want to
Come on too strong
And scare you away
But maybe we could love each other always
If I knew the right thing to say
Right now, well how about this

I feel weird
But how would it feel
If we could feel weird together
And if you feel weird too
How would you feel if you knew
I was right there feeling weird with you

Maybe I’m wrong about you
And you have no use for the likes of me
In that case, please feel free to shine me on, shine me on
And maybe I’ll wuss out
And you’ll never know that I noticed you
So you’ll be none the wiser when I’m gone
But I’ll stick around
Just a few minutes more
Hopine something, anything
Will happen here for
Us to talk about
Wouldn’t that feel so nice
Maybe I’ll get up my courage
But if you want to be the one to break the ice
Then try this


Weird plus weird is powerful stuff
Weird plus weird makes life less rough
Weird plus weird is weird supreme
I just had the weirdest dream

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