New Music: Too Many Forevers

So here I did something that people say autistics can’t do:  I wrote about other people besides myself!  This is a more lighthearted song about the bizarreness of dating, especially when you haven’t done it in a long time.  This doesn’t pertain to me at the moment, but I was there, and I know some of my friends are too.  I guess most of us have been there at some point, or will be.  And as blecherous as dating can be, if you hang in there, good stuff can happen!  (Lyrics are provided as usual.)

Once again, I played and sang everything.  Yes, the deep earthy voice (which is out front this time) and the high feathery voice are both me, with no alterations!  (Yay voice lessons.)  I made more use of virtual percussion on this one (timbales, congas, bongos, kick drum) along with virtual acoustic bass, all of which I played through the MIDI keyboard.  Also there are multiple tambourines, egg shakers, and a frame drum, which I played by hand.  And handclap tracks, again constructed from samples from  (By now I feel like I can write an entire book on how to construct handclap tracks out of samples.)

I plan to post a new song every other Thursday night at 7 PM Pacific time (10 PM Eastern, which is 3 AM Friday UTC), until I run out of juice.  The next song will be a complete departure from the first two: a quiet ballad played on mountain dulcimer.  Seriously.

Too Many Forevers

Music and lyrics by Andee Joyce


Well I’ve had too many forevers

And the next one might do me in

If this one blows up in my face

Just like the rest of them

I’ve been out of circulation

Or maybe I was never in it

And these days the game of finding love

Has changed just a little bit

Now there’s zippers where there used to be buttons

And buttons where there used to be snaps

And I’m always that dope in the corner who snaps

While everybody else claps

And I don’t know what the buttons do

And if I don’t find out I’m screwed

And not the way I want to be

You’re young enough to know so you tell me



Is this thing on, turn it on, turn it on

Please show me how

To turn it on, turn it on

‘Cause I’ve had too many forevers

And the next one’s about to start now

Is this thing on, turn it on, turn it on

Before it’s all gone

Turn it on, turn it on

People tell me that I’m smart

So why’s it have to be so hard

To turn the damn thing on

Too many forevers, mmm hmmm


Well I’ve heard too many forevers

And people don’t mean to lie

They just don’t know what’s gonna be waiting for them

When they get to the other side

So I guess I’m a tough sell

But now I want to cash in my chips

‘Cause I’ve met someone who makes

My stomach do backflips

Should I ask if it’s okay to ask for a kiss

Or am I just supposed to know

Should I look down and look away

Or look away then look down

I forget how that one goes

And I need a Dummies manual

To learn to keep it casual

If I don’t crack the secret code

For winning hearts

I think mine could explode

(repeat chorus)

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